Viblab relax

Viblab Relax. Multi-sensory relaxation.

You can use the VibLab Relax videos to support vibroacoustic therapy, or as a stand-alone relaxation tool.

The videos give you the soothing effect of nature, as you spend about 20 minutes paddling or watching the landscapes.

With calm close-ups and slow camera runs, the videos keep you focused on nature.

Built-in breathing guidance helps you relax, as it synchronizes your breathing using the resonant frequency breathing method. This cardio-respiratory method reduces stress by balancing the autonomic nervous system and strengthening emotion regulation.

The vision behind the series is to activate and support people’s relationship with nature. We want to shoot and share interesting nature sites from the ordinary Finnish setting. Visual footage with authentic sound gives you a lifelike break even if you’re not able to experience the nature in person.

For a monthly fee, you get limitless access to the videos. You can also rent a single video.

The VibLab Relax series is intended for professional use, e.g. in a therapy situation.


Videos can be found on Vimeo ondemand


Trailers from videos. Frequently Asked Questions

Trailers from videos.  And Frequently Asked Questions